Jaymie was once nicknamed ‘macros’ in the gym where he started out as a personal trainer. He came on the scene as the new kid and erupted in popularity thanks to the mind-blowing results his clients got without a diet shake, pill or fad in sight - all while eating the foods they loved and socialising at the weekends. Jaymie pivoted into the online coaching space to help thousands of people break free from restrictive diets and get in the best shape of their lives without feeling deprived. He is inspirational in his relentless approach to make sustainable success really simple.


Jim is a businessmen by trade but leads with the heart. Always the first on the dance floor, positive, helpful and compassionate - he is the deep-voiced coach you may have spoken to if you’ve ever been on a highly valuable breakthrough coaching call. A former gym-based PT turned online coach and mindset wizard, Jim has decades of experience in the fields of fitness and nutrition and has helped thousands of people realise their potential. He’s fun, he’s bursting with knowledge and he is obsessed about seeing people succeed.


Stacey has been coaching and empowering women to find their own happy balance since 2012, weaving yoga, strength training and sustainable nutrition into her mission to guide others through the health and fitness jungle. Stacey is fiercely loyal and always has your back. She gets to the heart of what you want to achieve and delivers in-depth supportive and knowledgable coaching until you get there. It is impossible to feel down on her watch. Her energy is infectious and she’s an asset to anyone choosing her as their coach.


Marleigh’s an ultra-runner, cyclist and weight lifting endurance athlete with a background in Biology. She gets a real buzz from breaking down the science, teaching clients how to find exercise they love and empowering people to realise what they’re capable of. She's worked many traveling jobs and knows what it’s like to need a flexible plan that allows for progress no matter where life takes you. Marleigh makes progress simple and adores support women to get strong in body and mind.


Kelly makes it her mission to spread positivity and confidence, empowering women to realise their potential and find self-love. She is a fan of home HIIT workouts so she can jump around care-free! No stranger to adversity, she has felt the staggering impact that improved nutrition and fitness can have on transforming your health and your life. A total foodie, she loves to eat and 100% believes that both food and fitness should be enjoyed; she’ll help you to realise it too. Netball mad, Kelly is a team player that will get you believing in yourself, helping you to make sustainable changes that not only fit in with your life, but enhance it, and get you seeing results that you never thought possible.


Si is the head of marketing and is responsible for creating all of the content that you see on social media, from the infographics, photos to videos. With a background in photography and computing and a keen interest in all things tech, he's always looking for new ways to bring the Body Smart message across to the rest of the world.


Ronan has been coaching clients for 10 years, helping them to transform their mind and body so they can become the best version of themselves. With a passion for Psychology and Nutrition, Ronan helps clients to break free from unwanted behaviour patterns and establish healthier, happier long lasting habits. Ronan likes to help clients find solution focused strategies that are unique to their lifestyle needs but also understands when clients need some 'tough love' to help them achieve their goals.


With over a decade of experience as a personal trainer, nutrition coach and online coach, Terry is an expert at getting the best out of clients. He has a degree in Sport and Exercise Science but puts his expertise to personal use by competing in triathlons, marathons or pushing his own body transformation. Terry loves guiding and supporting busy professional women to feel more energised and achieve all their goals with ease. It’s not easy to juggle things like parenthood, career, chores and expectations of others while maintaining the body and mind that you want. But like Terry’s approach to his own fitness, he’s here to pick you up and keep you going no matter how tough the journey gets, with the aim of getting you to achieve your goals with ease.


Nicole specializes in coaching women and men in conquering their urges and cravings around food to achieve sustainable fat loss. Nicole's expertise is in nutrition truths, demystifying the fat loss equation, how to eat the way you want to live, and most importantly, using your mind and emotions to build good habits and undo bad ones. Combined with her knowledge, experience, training, and coaching skills, she will help you be in control of the food you eat, your weight, your shape, and your life. Nicole will help you begin and complete your final weight loss journey.


Steph is our community manager so if you’ve ever messaged us, it may have been Steph that replied to you with her trademark caring and understanding nature. She ensures that every member of our community feels seen and heard and thoroughly enjoys talking with clients past, present and future about their goals. Steph has a background in counselling and loves to help people find their way in challenging times. If you’re a fan of dancing, dogs or anything that involves breakfast you’ll be fast friends.


Shaina is friendly, approachable and a lover of all things science. A qualified personal trainer, nutritionist and online coach, Shaina blends education, behaviour change and building a foundation of healthy habits to achieve sustainable results when coaching clients. Her mission is to show that weight loss doesn't have to feel impossible and you can give up those fad diets once and for all. When not coaching you'll find her with her French bulldog Lexi, taking in the sights and sounds of nature where she lives, or jetting off on another travel adventure to tick off her bucket list.


Erin is super passionate about helping people to adopt healthy habits. A self-confessed human body obsessive, Erin has a BS in Kinesiology and is continually fascinated by the human body and our capabilities when we provide the right resources. She is currently expanding her knowledge and is enrolled in a Nutrition and Wellness counseling program. As a mother of three amazing girls, nutrition and exercise find their way into conversations, as Erin believes a healthy mindset, along with nutrition education, is essential for understanding the body. In her spare time, you will find Erin enjoying the mountains in Colorado, trying to learn dances her daughters teach her and hanging out with her dog, Baxter.


Sarah is an ex-British Army Officer whose passion it is to enable women to build habits, shape their environment and influence behaviours to create sustainable change and achieve their goals. After leading a Troop on operations in Afghanistan, Sarah understands the vital importance of putting YOUR wellness first, and as a coach will be there to support you as you learn to nourish yourself, so you have more to give to those around you! An ex-competitive gymnast and now keen triathlete, Sarah loves all sport. She emphasises the value of finding a way to move your body that keeps you motivated, and is currently enjoying the challenge of balancing it all with her baby girl, Amelia.


Brooke has been an athlete her entire life, and strives to make exercise fun even as an adult; with a busy schedule. Back in 2013, Brooke was able to participate in Nationals for the 800m, and now is training for her first marathon. She went to school to become a nurse, and after working on the bariatric unit, she quickly realized her real mission in life was to coach others on preventative care…AKA Health & Fitness! Which is why she decided to switch paths and get a B.S degree in Exercise & Wellness at BYU in Utah. Brooke’s passion is to help women get off the fad diet roller coaster & learn how to build a lifestyle that lasts through movement, mindset, & macros.


Amy is a mom of three little girls living in Colorado, USA. She was inspired to train as a nutritionist, personal trainer, macro coach and transformation coach after being coached herself. Amy struggled to feel in control in her 20s and had tried every diet and method to lose the pregnancy weight, feel great and get her confidence back. She reached out for help, got a coach and finally got the results she knew she deserved. Amy decided to train as a coach to help others learn what she did to reclaim their health, their time, their energy and their mental well-being. She will teach you that you CAN have it all and she'll help you love the process too.


Olivia is one of our digital community managers and loves to help those interested in coaching get started with Body Smart. With a B.S. in Biology from Brigham Young (BYU) and a background as director of the Bountiful Mathnasium Center, Olivia blends her business acumen and organisation skills with her fitness and nutrition passion to answer the queries that come into Body Smart and help current clients with their questions. Olivia loves to cook and adores Zumba, volleyball and hiking. Coming from a military family, she enjoys traveling, exploring new sites, cultures, and making friends.


Stephanie Colacicco is a Certified Nutrition Specialist with a MS in Clinical Nutrition, a Certified Reiki Master Teacher, and die-hard lover of fitness and all things food. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from The University of Bridgeport, a top university for integrative medicine. ​ For people looking deeper into their health, Stephanie combines nutrition with functional medicine to find the root cause of many health issues improving her clients’ immediate efficiency and longevity. As a competitive athlete herself -Stephanie understands the importance of nutrition and benefits it can have on long-term general health.


Chandler has a background in sports medicine, is a qualified personal trainer, nutritionist and is working towards becoming a naturopathic practitioner. She's a former elite Spartan athlete having competed in the Spartan World Championships. Chandler has overcome three knee surgeries and the mental health struggles that come with injury. Her experience makes her passion for helping others authentic and genuine. You'll find her most weekends exploring the mountainous regions of Colorado with her partner Jack and dogs Ryker and Lucy.