We help busy women all around the world break free from restrictive diets, mindless exercise plans and unhealthy beliefs.

We show you the sustainable way to get lasting results for life with our unique online fitness, food and mindset coaching.


We help busy women all around the world break free from restrictive diets, mindless exercise plans and unhealthy beliefs.

We show you the sustainable way to get lasting results for life with our unique online fitness, food and mindset coaching.

Real Women
Real Results


Has more energy and confidence and says she can now see what her husband has always seen in her


Dropped an incredible 96lbs which allowed her to get pregnant and have a healthy baby boy


Super toned her muscles she never knew she had and totally changed her relationship with the scales


“No more guilt, just enjoyment!” as she eats the foods she loves and achieves amazing results in a short space of time


Had a brilliant pregnancy with her first child after achieving a strong, fit and healthy body


Over 50lbs fat loss, has completely changed her relationship with food and now eats stress free

Does This
Sound Familiar?

We See It All The Time...

We’re going to shift your identity from a woman filled with doubt, anxiety and a lack of confidence in herself, to a strong, confident and happy woman who is fully in control of her health and fitness.

We do this by focusing equally on the three factors that are going to be key to your success: nutrition, exercise and mindset.

By offering: 

  • Training plans that match your goals
  • Educating you on nutrition and how you can make everything fit into your lifestyle
  • Breaking barriers and changing beliefs that were previously holding you back


You’ll be changing your body shape and mindset in no time!

Trying to go it alone is a little like finding your way round a the dark...with a blindfold on!

Yeah you might eventually stumble out of there with success but at what cost? How much time and energy will you have wasted? How much additional stress and wasted effort will it have taken? How many dead ends will you try before you succeed?

Investing in coaching is a fast pass to success out of the maze of diet and fitness BS. Along the way you’ll have support, a personalised plan, develop healthy habits, change your mindset and have a tried and tested strategy for every scenario.

Stop getting lost. Stop reaching dead ends. Stop feeling like there’s no way out and let us guide you all the way to achieving your goals.

And Take The Steps To Completely Transform Your Body & Mind!

online fitness, food and mindset coaching

What Sets us apart?


Compared to personal trainers or other online fitness programmes, we offer direct communication to your coach around the clock. Real time advice to get real time results. 


Workouts personally designed to suit your lifestyle and your needs. Do these whenever suits you best – no more wasting money and missing training sessions when something crops up in your life.


Our Body Smart community is one of the best aspects of our coaching. All the women are there to help and support one another and celebrate wins and successes together. It’s amazing how many ladies have formed close friendships through the community.


Your peronalised dashboard tracks all progress with your workouts and your weight and measurements. Your coach is always there, and with weekly check-ins, we can see where you’ve gone right or wrong and set a plan of action to keep moving forward.


We stand out from the crowd with our dedication to mindset coaching. We support you to believe in yourself, think more positively and prioritise your mental health. Our clients look better, feel better and think better through our powerful coaching techniques.


In an industry flooded with suspect success, quick fixes, fad diets, short term results and in some cases, outright harmful practices, we pride ourselves on having true impact in people’s lives – both mentally and physically. We believe the proof is there for all to see.

So Why Us?

This is not your generic exercise and meal plan programme – we are coaches. We delve much deeper into the strategies and techniques that you can use to help you create a stronger, leaner body, an unshakeable mindset, and your own diet where you’ll have complete freedom and control for the REST OF YOUR LIFE!

Our fitness formula has enabled women all around the world to achieve amazing success in their health and fitness which cascades positively into other areas of their life, such as relationships (professional and personal), career and personal development. If you are committed to make a change, learn the fundamentals and build on strong habits, you will become one of these women too!

I’m Jaymie and this is Jim, we set up our online coaching company Body Smart Fitness in 2016 because we were DONE with all the nonsense out there when it comes to fad diets, bullshit influencers and downright lies that are promoted in the fitness industry.

Yes, you really CAN transform your body and mind in just a few short months. But it has nothing to do with the latest ‘celebrity diet’ or ‘fat-incinerating pills’.

The truth is, you don’t need ANY pills, traditional diets, or tricks to get fast results. You only need the right support and an effective personalised plan that fits in with your unique busy lifestyle.

Our close-knit team of global expert online coaches focus on science-based evidence to help busy women like yourself get unbelievable results.

We personally support you to transform your mindset around food and exercise leaving you in the best shape of your life with your mental and physical fitness.

We help your head along with your heart and we focus strongly on life coaching alongside health and fitness coaching to help you grow as a person, achieve your results with ease and maintain them for the rest of your life.

see what you can achieve with us

See What Some Of Our Clients Think...

And Take The Steps To Completely Transform Your Body & Mind!

get your health back on track the right way!

Here's everything
you'll receive:

1-to-1 Access To
Your personal Coach

Direct 1-to-1 access to your personal coach through voice/video/text chats in WhatsApp. We'll say this again, we're not an app, a plan or a programme - it goes much deeper than that. Our impact and results come from building professional relationships with our clients; we communicate, we listen, we understand and we teach you how to succeed.

blueprint & support

We give you the blueprint and guide you to build a diet so it fits for life. Your nutrition has to work with your lifestyle whilst aligning with your goal. Get in the best shape of your life whilst still enjoying the food you love. There are ZERO food restrictions - nothing is off limits.

Training Plans

No generic cookie cutter plans here. We develop your training plan specifically for you in alignment with your lifestyle, environment and goals. Your plan is fluid and progressive. If something needs changing, it will. And when you are ready to take the progressive steps, we do.

Weekly Check-ins With Your Coach

This is a time to reflect with your coach on the past week, highlighting what you are winning at and what you need to improve on to keep moving forward. You get lazer focused on the actions needed for ultimate success.

your personalised dashboard

A small but very effective part of your journey. A powerful tool to access all your personalised workouts (all with video tutorials), and track your continued progress, on the go, 24/7, anywhere in the world.

Monthly strategy session with your coach

Each month you'll get a 45 min call (voice or video) with your coach to really delve deep and reflect on the struggles and successes of the past month and set a solid plan of action to keep progressing.

private members community

An active community of kick-ass, like-minded women from around the globe, who are all on similar journeys to yourself. Everyone is there to support and encourage each other and celebrate wins together. It's the inner circle where you can find top tips, recipes and revelations.

Access to your
Learning Zone

A library and powerful resource, full of videos and graphics to enhance your knowledge on nutrition, exercise and mindset. Applied knowledge is vital to build confidence in what you're doing to be able to take control of your health and fitness.


A chance to ask questions and get specific answers relating to your personal journey. Get involved with our group community calls as we focus on relevant topics to enhance self-awareness and expand your knowledge and confidence.

Your Options Today:

You don’t have to know where to start. You don’t have to be under a certain size, or be a certain age. And it doesn’t matter if you’ve tried to shred the extra weight many times, and failed many times before.

You don’t need to have any fitness experience at all.

But you do need to take action before this opportunity passes you by.

You can choose to continue doing what you’ve always done or you can make a firm decision right now to FINALLY get in the best shape of your life as fast as science allows.

Option 1

You understand how the Body Smart Fitness Programme and App can help you completely transform your physique, but decide to turn your back on yourself for another year.

The same old routines, habits and mindset will still be there and you’ll continue to be frustrated trying new ‘diets’ and workout plans only to end up back at square one as they don’t consider your lifestyle and the guidance and support isn’t there.

Option 2

You’re inspired by the stunning transformations, and you recognise the opportunity before you.
BUT instead of following your intuition and getting all the support, motivation and expert training you need, you decide to brave it on your own.
That’s fine, if you’re up for it and know exactly what you need to do.
If that’s your choice, we applaud your confidence and encourage you to take action.
But here’s the truth:
Most people start with good intentions, but few can keep going in the face of all the pitfalls, roadblocks, distrations and momentary setbacks that people experience going it alone.
Which brings us to…

Option 3

Right now, you can IMAGINE yourself in your new body.
You can PICTURE how amazing it would be to fit into lovely outfits again.
And you want to FEEL confident and PROUD of yourself for taking action.
If that’s you, then I encourage you to honour your intuition and get started TODAY while you’re still thinking about it and before life rushes back in and gets in the way.
Because if you’re willing to do the work, and you’re able to follow simple instructions, then in just 12 weeks you’ll be feeling the best you’ve ever done. You’ll be seeing the best-looking version of yourself in the mirror and FINALLY loving your reflection.
I believe you’re worth it and I think you do too.
But the choice is yours to make.
Will you decide to stay the same or accept our help?

And Take The Steps To Completely Transform Your Body & Mind!

Is this right for you?

Let’s arrange a chat to make sure we are right for you and you are right for us.

We’ll talk more in-depth about what we do and why.

Even though your health is priceless we’ll let you know how much it is, depending on which level of support you feel you might need.

It’s not a sales call. 

There’s no obligation to sign up. 

You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Don’t be scared, get in touch, have a chat. Decide if this is right for you.

Look forward to chatting to you soon.

Jaymie, Jim & Stacey

And Take The Steps To Completely Transform Your Body & Mind!


We have different levels of support, depending on what you need and the goals you’re looking to achieve. This is why we always request to have a chat with you and find out a little more about you, your life, your struggles and your goals. We will then work out the best level of support for you. This is an extremely personal, in-depth programme where everything is tailored to you because we want you to not just get short-term results but sustainable results that you can genuinely continue with for the rest of your life.

Your investment is a short term payment for long term lifetime food freedom, knowledge, developing a love of exercise and changing your mindset.

Not at all! We develop training plans that are suitable for your lifestyle and needs. Whether that be a gym, home, outdoors, in a hotel bedroom – you name it, we can accommodate any situation.

If you look at our results over on you will read many success stories where our clients did not go to the gym and worked out at home or throughout their extensive travels.

No, there is no prior training experience required. It does not matter if you have never done resistance training before or even exercised before; we cater for all different levels of experience and will develop a plan that is suitable for your needs. Remember, this is what makes us different. We work hard to tailor everything we do with you to your unique lifestyle, goals and personal challenges.

We LOVE people who travel frequently. We get people who are exhausted from constant travel to feel more energised in a matter of weeks. Some of our favourite clients have been those who have been stuck in a cycle of travel, making them feel crappy. We have a number of clients who have to travel a lot for their jobs, so we develop specific training plans that enable them to keep making progress. Our powerful 1:1 personalised coaching works really well as you have us on hand as you move from place to place. Our coaching gives you structure, routine and accountability. We know how unsettling travel can feel and we know the toll it can take on the body and mind if you are not supported through periods of travel. We get frequent travellers to boost their energy levels, improve their cognitive function and reduce stress as we encourage self-care practices alongside food and fitness to feel better.

Depending on the extent of the injury, we can alter your training plan to align with your injury so you can still enjoy a successful workout regime without it hindering your progress.

However, without knowing the full nature of your injury, it is hard to comment. During your application call, a coach will be able to discuss this in more detail and see if there is a solution.

Because our programmes are not ‘off the shelf’ and we tailor everything to each client, it is quite easy for us to work with you and adapt your training programme and nutrition blueprint to still ensure you get results. For example, a client who injured their hamstring while cycling was then put on a rehabilitation mobility programme. Another client who suffered a serious head injury shifted their workouts to daily walking, and our communication became focused on developing a positive mindset, getting enough rest and eating foods that would help the healing process.

We believe that providing meal plans are detrimental in the long run to continued success as you don’t educate yourself on what makes a sustainable diet.

Instead of this, we teach you the principles of flexible dieting and how you can come to create your own diet based off foods you regularly eat and enjoy. This way, you are continuously educating yourself about food, calories, macro/micronutrients and how these all connect. This enables you to have complete control and freedom over your diet for the rest of your life. Trust us, we’ve coached thousands of women all over the world, and we know that having complete food freedom is the key to long term, sustainable success.

In the first few months of your coaching journey with us, we do get you to complete a really good exercise where you ‘build’ a meal plan, bespoke to you. We get you to do this with the help of your coach and you can pre-plan meals for a whole day, or for when you want to eat out, so you can see how it fits with your own personal targets. We do this as a knowledge exercise but it also acts as a valuable tool for clients to refer back to for meal inspiration.

We do offer recipe ideas and encourage the Body Smart community to share what they’re cooking. This acts as motivation and inspiration to try new foods and recipes.

Our Promise To You

We are so confident in getting you results that in the first month, if you adopt the principles and implement them into your life and see no results, we will guarantee you your money back.

Our Promise To You

We are so confident in getting you results that in the first month, if you adopt the principles and implement them into your life and see no results, we will guarantee you your money back.


Click the button below to book in for a call and make it happen.